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Transformational Coaching

Transitions | Life Planning | Career


Goal-setting to Execution

You're a high achiever and considered a leader in your area of expertise. But are there moments when you feel like life is passing you by too quickly - have you started feeling a bit disoriented and disconnected from your purpose? When was the last time you checked in with yourself about where you're going in life? Does it feel daunting to explore those questions again?

Coaching is a process that aims to align your personal life, career and life purpose through a better understanding of your values, beliefs and behaviors. Coaching works similar to caffeine, accelerating the process of growth, bringing clarity, self-awareness and focus. It’s you, being yourself, but better. I am about helping you get more sh*t done.



My six-session journey will guide you through the examination of internal and external obstacles, the clarification of a goal, and the creation of a path towards achievement. Through our conversations, guided insight connecting your past to your future will inform your actions in the present. I hope you will be empowered to use this experience as a springboard to your preferred mode of living and that, together, we can help you discover a new vigor for possibility.


Analysis: What do I feel?

Is there an aspect of your life that isn't working quite as you would like it to?  What unfinished business is distracting you from moving forward? Whether it be a matter of a relationship, an unfulfilling job, a challenging addiction, or an unsatisfying move (to name a few), I will help you confront - beyond a mere surface level - what precisely it is that isn't on par with what you want.  


Discovery: What do I want?

Vision is essential to transformation, and awareness is essential to vision. We will look deeply into your past and identify the forces that have influenced you in order to isolate what it is that you want in your life. For all of us, it is all too easy to get mired in generalities like "I need a better job" or "I want to improve my marriage." We will discuss these desires and I will push you to sculpt them into concrete goals with smoothly defined parameters. This clarity will lead to the next step: the path.


Strategy: How will I get it?

Dreams are very seductive - they are inexhaustible and self-perpetuating, existing in a fantasy realm for us to escape to without having to do the actual work of making them a reality. When reality seems to offer resistance, it can feel like a "sign" to retreat back into the fantasy; we take it to mean that the dream is fundamentally opposed to lived experience. This is where actionable strategy is key! You will leave my program having applied your learning to achieve your stated goal. 


What Clients Have Said

I've worked with a handful of coaches previously, but Mac really stood out in his ability to help me prioritize both personal and professional growth. Great balance between coaching vs. advice- allows you to build momentum and see progress quickly. Very easy to connect with personally and develop trust. 5 stars.

Austin Copp

Global Head of Consulting | AlphaSights | London

Mac was my coach for 3 months and he helped me to clearly define my career goals and aspirations. Mac is very approachable and makes our sessions very engaging, I always found myself discovering things about myself that I was not aware of. I highly recommend Mac as your coach too! Thanks Mac for your support and guidance during my journey.

Rosemary Kwan

Director | AIA | Hong Kong

Mac listens. During a coaching session Mac used my explanations of my circumstances in order to ask probing and evocative questions, seek clarifications, and suggest add-on ideas. All of these, in addition to Mac's effective communication style, led to a sense of progress, clarity, and confidence relative to each of the topics. I left the session with broad and substantial ideas for my own progress, and a sense of reliance on my ability to evolve my work to a point that I can fully take advantage of another of Mac's sessions.

David Fingerote

Education Consultant | Tokyo

I highly recommend Mac as an executive coach. As someone who is pivoting in my career, I find it critical to understand yourself, including your values and your limiting beliefs. Mac worked with me to identify what my core values are to help inform where my next career fit would be. Mac's approach always feels rooted in compassion and curiosity, while at the same time provides very insightful results. Before working with Mac, I had made a lot of assumptions about what my career success looked like and made those assumptions my priorities. Mac helped me explore the rationale and logic behind these assumptions and was excellent at drawing out truths to help recalibrate my true priorities. I find myself quickly filtering jobs that aren't a good fit, and having more productive conversations during interviews thanks to having identified a clear set of values and priorities with Mac's guidance.

Thao Hong
Director | Gates Foundation | Seattle, WA

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